Recycled Books



Do You Have Used Books You Want to Donate or Sell?


The Mustard Seed is selling and consigning books to help promote the *Eco-Farm Project. All the proceeds from these books will go to further that aim. We are looking for books in the following categories:


Green Living - Metaphysics Spirituality - Natural Health and Healing

Self-Help - Herbs Aromatherapy Astrology Tarot


If you have books you want to sell, here are the policies:


Print Form and Bring in with Books



1 Contact Information Fill in your Name, Address, Phone #, and whether you will be Consigning or Donating your books (check appropriate space). If you donate them, you just need to bring them in and all the proceeds go directly to the Eco-Farm Project.


2 Books in Good Condition - this means having no writing in them and the binding should be in good shape. We will look over the books before we put them out for sale.


3 Receive 15% of Retail Price - We will be selling the books for 30% of the retail price, so if you consign the books, you will receive half of that and the Eco-Farm Project will get the other half. If you donate the books, the Project will receive the full 30%.


4 90 Days - The consignment will run for 90 days. If the books do not sell within the 90 days, you can either donate them to the Project at that point or take them back.


5 Paid Monthly - You will be paid monthly on the books you sell.


6 Fill Out Form Fill out the form on following page. You need to fill in the following columns:


Date This is the date the books were brought in.

Quantity (Qty) How many of a particular book you are selling

Title Give the title of the book

Retail Price (Retail) This is what the book cost new.

Donation or Pick Up (D or PU) After 90 days, will you donate them (D) or take them back? (PU)


*The Eco-Farm Project was created to provide Education and Resources in order to encourage a Healthy Planet and Healthy People.


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