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Swedish Bitters

Discover the Extrodinary Benefits of Swedish Bitters,
"The Long Life Elixer"

The Mustard Seed's health supplements and herbal remediesSwedish Bitters is a 500 year old European Remedy to rejuvenate vital organs, improve regularity, aid digestion, and cleanse the system.

In the 18th Century,  Dr Claus Samst rediscovered the formula through a family tradition. The formula recorded by Dr Samst is the Swedish Bitters that we know today. The Swedish doctor also compiled a manuscript describing the 46 conditions for which Swedish Bitters can bring relief. Dr Samst himself lived to be 104 and finally succumbed, not to the ravages of old age, but as a result of a fall while out riding! The actual creation of the formula is credited to Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, a Swiss Physician who lived around 1541. Swedish Bitters was made famous recently by the distinguished Austrian herbalist Maria Treben. In her book, Health Through God’s Pharmacy, she cites numerous case histories in which Swedish Bitters have provided the answer to serious ailments—both internal and external.


Internally: To assist as a preventative, take in the morning and evening, 1 teaspoonful diluted with water. For indisposition of any kind, 3 tablespoons diluted with water can be taken. For serious diseases, 2 to 3 tablespoons are taken as follows: 1 tablespoon diluted with half a cup of herb tea, half of it is sipped half an hour before and the other half an hour after each meal.

Compress: According to area, a piece of cotton wool or gauze is moistened with Swedish Bitters and applied to the affected area which has been well covered with lard or Calendula ointment. A slightly larger piece of plastic is put over it to prevent the clothes from getting stained. Then a cloth is wound around or a bandage is used.

The compress can be left on, depending on illness, for 2 to 4 hours. If tolerated, the compress can stay on overnight. After removal the skin is powdered. Should people with sensitive skin still develop a rash, the compresses have to be used for a shorter period only or moistened for a time. People who are allergic to plastic should leave it off. Never forget to grease the skin beforehand. If an itching rash has already developed it can be treated with Calendula ointment.

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