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Importance of pH

The Santevia Pure EARTH Water System recreates the Earth's perfect process of purifying, mineralizing, alkalinizing and vitalizing water. Each drop of ordinary tap water is gravity dripped, resulting in long-contact exposure to earth-derived elements transforming it into the most vital and complete water anywhere.

In the Beginning
In nature, water was once purified through a process of evaporation and condensation, resulting in rainfall - then gravity-filtered through the Earth's crust becoming enriched with alkalinizing minerals while being vitalized by the Earth's magnetic core. Eventually this organically complete water was distributed qthrough clean runing springs, rivers or wells. Exposure to the sun's light spectrum is also thought to elicit energizing potential.

Modern Day Water Woes - Back to Nature Solution
Unfortunaltely few, if any, sources of true, organically complete water exist due to global contamination of ground water. Municipal water treatment, water filters, distilled water and bottled water- while arguably clean, do nothing to restore water's full organic potential. Santevia is the first to re-create Pure EARTH Water.

MORE than a Water Filter:
While water filtration is important to yield clean, contaminate free water - it is merely one element of organically complete water. Santevia purifies your water as effectively as any high-tech water filter on the market. However, Santevia does not use chemicals or artificial filter media, just all-natural and effective compounds such as earthenware ceramic, coconut carbon charcoal, volcanic zeolite and silica sand. Once sparkling clean the real magic of transforming your water begins.

nergizes: Water is re-energized with bio-ceramic, which like the sun, emits the invisible yet beneficial far-infared light spectrum. Magnets in the dispenser spout simulates the magnetism of the Earth's core for better bio-availability.

lkanizes: Bitter and acidic tap-water is transformed into terrific tasting and healthy alkaline water through contact with natural silica sand and mineral dense Maifan stone. Water pH is increased by as much as 100%!

e-Mineralizes: Mineral dense Maifan stones infuse highly beneficial and absorbable calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals back into the water.

aste Great: Pure and narturally re-mineralized, alkaline and revitalized Santevia water is brilliant in clarity, mountain spring fresh with a sweet and smooth flavor unique to the Santevia water filter.

ydrates: Alkaline and mineralized water refreshes and revitalizes your body. Bio-ceramic energy balls and aligned magnets serve to re-structure, cluster water molecules for optimal absorbtion and hydration.

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