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The 4 Herb Formula (Essiac)

What is The 4 Herb Formula (Essiac)?

It is a unique herbal essiac formula originated and distributed by Rene Caisse, a registered nurse from Bracebridge, Canada. She used this formula in her clinic beginning in 1935 and treated thousands of patients afflicted with cancer and other debilitative diseases. She based this formula on information given to her by an elderly patient who had been successfully cared for by an Indian Medicine Man in Northern Ontario.

Is this the original formula?

There have been changes and additions made to this formula by Dr. Charles A. Brusch from Cambridge, and well as by others. I, as well as many other experienced herbalists, choose to use the original formula. The herbs in the original formula are Sheep Sorrel, Burdock, Slippery Elm, and Turkey Rhubarb. "Essiac" is a trade name, so I have chosen to call the blend I distribute "The 4 Herb Formula". I first encountered Essiac back in the early 1980's, but did not start distributing it until 1989. During that time it was not very well known and was generally distributed "underground." Prior to the "Heath Freedom Act," it was difficult to get information out on products such as this because of the bias of the traditional allopathic health care industry.

As a formulator of many of my own products, I made a point of researching and informing myself about the nature of this formula before distributing it. As a traditional herbalist, I can understand why this formula has had such great success. I have studied the long time historical application of the individual herbs used in the Four Herb Formula. The vast growth in the Natural Health industry in recent years has led to extensive scientific research and clinical studies on many herbs in use, including the ones in this formula. This has given the public additional information that supports and validates what herbalists have known all along

How is the Essiac formula being used today?

First, it is important to point out that this formula and any other natural remedy or medication does not cure anything. "Cure" is a word that is vague and uncertain. Instead of using the word "cure", I tend to use the phrase "assist the body to heal itself." The FDA would never allow me to claim that this formula could "treat" or "cure" any disease. Then again, I would never claim that it can. Since I approach health and well being by supporting a healthy inner ecology, there is no need to make this claim. However, I can tell you what the herbs in this formula have been traditionally used for, and what my clients and customers have told me about this formula.

The herbs in this formula have been traditionally used for cancer, blood disorders, kidney and liver weakness, yeast issues, auto-immune disorders, cleansing and nourishing, intestinal issues, toxicity, skin disorders and prevention. This formula, as well as some of the individual herbs used in the formula have been used for topical applications as well. 'This formula has also been used for animals.

What is the formula controversy about?

There is also a 7 Herb Formula that is being distributed and commercialized throughout the world. I would like to dispel the false and misleading information regarding different formulas right now. The 7 Herb, 4 Herb, 4 Herb with Cat's Claw, and even 8 Herb blends are all great formulas. Shame on those who advertise, "Beware of Counterfeits," as a scare tactic, so that patrons will be lead to buy only their product. I have also heard during my many years of distributing, "...oh no, we have the right formula, that one is wrong." If you see any of this kind of advertising, be suspicious of those behind these misleading statements. Hey folks, these are herbs, not chemicals, and if you are an herbalist or a practitioner, none of this nonsense should be coming out of your mouth, let alone be in your advertising. I make it my goal to inform and empower people so they can make the best choices for themselves. People cannot make informed decisions if they are getting misinformation from some of the distributors of natural remedies.

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4 Herb Formula Only (3-month supply) $25.00
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