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Salandrea's Consultations

Healthy Lifestyle Consultation

The goal of a Healthy Lifestyle Consultation is to assist the client in becoming more independent and better informed, in order to create a more responsible approach to maintaining health. Salandrea's expertise in formulation and understanding of the body's innate intelligence to heal itself can work as a complement to an existing medical regime, or as an alternative to drug therapy. She prepares preventative programs, as well as creates very specific, individualized programs for any health issues that may be in question. This approach is an entirely cooperative process between the client and Salandrea. This way, realistic goals can be attained.

The Consultation - A lifestyle analysis is included to create a more comprehensive approach to healing. In addition to a health program, which may include herbal remedies and natural supplements, Salandrea may incorporate aromatherapy, homeopathy, "Energe-Essence Therapy" (similar to flower essences), and iridology.

She generally recommends 1 to 2 follow-ups to insure success with your program. These consultations can be conducted in person, by telephone or through email. Telephone and email consultations include a written review of the program. A 10% courtesy discount is extended on all health products, including herbs, health supplements, and aromatherapy for 1 full year after your initial consultation.

Initial Consultation: $125.00
Follow-ups Consultations: $75.00

Healing Aromatherapy Blends

This takes the idea of wearing a fragrance to a new level. A special fragrant blend is prepared from pure essential oils based on the qualities and desires of the client. When conducted in person, the client and Salandrea work directly with the oils to create the blend. When conducted over email or telephone, a questionnaire will be completed. Salandrea will tune into the individual and create a beautiful, fragrant blend. Her fee is $25.00.

Specific Formulations

Salandrea can formulate specific ointments, oil blends, herbal teas, tinctures, therapeutic aromatherapy blends, and more. Contact her office by phone or email to discuss your needs. She also formulates, creates, and supplies products for companies and health practitioners. Fees and charges are determined according to needs.

Intuitive/Spiritual Readings

Spend up to 1.5 hours with Salandrea as she reads the energies around you, and within you; receive communications from spiritual entities; learn more about yourself, your life, your health, the people around you, the meaning of events in your life, and what may be coming your way.

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